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We very deliberately chose suppliers who shared our values when it comes to protecting the environment. All our frames are produced through the most sustainable methods across all areas of the business and waste is actively being reduced. We were ruthless in our search, checking right down to the whether the coffee pods used in the warehouse kitchen are reusable and beans are sustainably sourced (and were delighted to discover that yes, in fact, they are).

Timber frames

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Reclaimed timber

In addition to all this, we incorporate sustainable practice throughout our business. Kali chooses to use recyled materials where possible and much of our cardboard and paper waste goes straight into the compost, making it's way directly to the garden. The abundance of fruit and vegetables produced is then enjoyed, shared and traded within the local community.

A work in progress

Whilst we are actively working to reduce waste in all areas and minimse our impact on the environment, we know there is more we can be doing. If you have feedback on how we can grow in the area of sustainability, we'd love to hear it. Please send your thoughts to: info@ardentsoulphotography.com.au or drop us a line below.

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